Great Forum ! Azimuth question ??


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Dec 3, 2003
Hello all... wow a great forum for SAT stuff...

-I am considereing the Voom
- I have trouble w/ lineOsight to DTV and DISH
- I see the voom sat (Rainbow1) is at 61.5 w
- I think this means that my azimuth setting for a dish would be quite different from DTV or DISH....

-I called voom... I don't think the sales guy knew that SAT's R in Space ...
- he told me that my azimuth would be the same as for DISH

- I am located in Chester, VA 23831 Lat(N) 37.4 Lon(W) 77.4

-can someone help me figure out if the azimuth for this location to the
voom sat would indeed be different that for DISH... my dish azimuth is 240 deg

-also how can I find the Elevation ?


It looks like Dish also uses the 61.5 satellite but also uses the 148 and 105 satellites. Check out the PDF files in High Definition Channels Available on DBS.

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