Greetings from Dish Team Summit Day Two!

With DISH Networks Team Summit now officially over I have a lot of work to do got videos to edit and pictures to post.

I will try to do that as fast I can. But I have to head back to Connecticut.

But to me besides. Bringing you guys the news from the show the best part for me was the face to face meetings I got to have with Charlie and the great folks at Dish. I got to make a lot of new contacts and many now have a better understanding of SatelliteGuys and what we do.

There are a million sites out there but we were the only ones who covered this event and you can bet there is more to come!

A big thank everyone for their financial support, with not only sending me to this show but keeping this site running. I am not a rich guy but I am very wealthy with friends here at SatelliteGuys.

Thank you again to all and while the show is over I have more to post. Look for that hopefully by next week.

To those who donated I hope I did you proud. Thanks for your support.
They don't make neon like that anymore. I dig the old school Vegas too. Oceans 11 , Rat Pack. Sounds awesome. Enjoy. :hatsoff2
That Celero 5G phone looks and specs out remarkably like a One+ Nord, from cameras to battery. If that's the case you guys won't be disappointed, I don't believe. I really like my N10 5G. The camera specs shown on that screen has got to be a typo, nobody would try to sell the public a phone with a 6MP primary camera in this day and age.

Eastern arc satellites ?

Watching Dish TV at nursing home

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