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  1. What has happened to GRIT's programming? Are they in financial trouble?

    Now, while I like "Walker Texas Ranger", I don't want to watch it 9 hours a day.

    What happened to the good movies, The Rookies, etc?

    Like most stations, they start out great and then go down hill.
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  3. They've been using Walker a lot the past 6 months. It's mainly in the 4hr prime time slot from 6-10pm central.

    The more recent movies are replayed all month then seem to rotate out and many are then played on sister networks LAFF or Bounce.
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  4. Grit just launched on 217 on Dish Network, Mine's been on since June 28th on KATC 3.3 and Cox 124. However after about two months, I do not hardly watch it anymore. Picked up junior on WVLA 33.2 the end of August (LAFF) and when it launched the Apple Dumpling Gang was on, cool looks like a winner, now don't watch it anymore neither, hardly. I watch Bounce off KPLC here and there, don't have Escape but the way it sounds probably don't need it. Feel for those Nexstar folks that received the Walker Texas Ranger, Snapped, and Cybill's, repeats out the SS
  5. That would be really fun to watch a movie on grit 8 times then later on your watching Laff and Escape and Bounce, oh wait that played 8 times on GRIT.......Then I begged for those channels, wow silly me...
  6. I agree about the programming. It has become the "Walker Texas Ranger" channel. They use to show some pretty good older movies, but not as much now. I see no sense in showing one program for hours during prime time.
  7. I have only had Grit since the new Nexstar deal. I only know the Chuck Norris channel.
  8. Oh yeah you have all 4 subs then......I agree I've had Grit since the end of June......That and Steven Segal......I only watch Zayne Grey and Laramie mostly.....I wish I had your sub off WCAX......If I could have watched Elvis Icon-A-Thon on Movies!, would made the rest of the year for me
  9. At this rate they could combine Bounce, Laff, Grit, Escape into two channels and have 12 hour blocks of each
  10. I know I was extremely annoyed that GRIT took off The Rookies.

    I actually enjoyed that show even though it looks like the ratings weren't that great when it was originally on.

    I would not mind seeing Escape and Laff which is covered in my area but I've heard people claim online they do tons of repeats on Escape.

    But so far I can't receive WTAJ's signal so I will have to refrain from judging other than GRIT and Bounce.

    I did see Bounce on Filmon before they were shut down by the courts for broadcasting over-the-air stuff over the Internet.

    I did not care for it at all, it seemed like a rather boring channel for my interests.

    It seems like Katz is trying to simply get carried everywhere it possibly can vs actually worrying about programming itself that will make people care it's there.

    It sort of puts me in mind of iON and MyNetworkTV, unless you love reruns constantly, they are two of the most boring networks I have ever seen. LoL
  12. They really need to add more TV shows. It's the same western shows repeated over and over again. Why don't they broaden the channel and air some shows other than western shows? Isn't it meant to to be a male focused channel not a Western channel. Even if it added a few factual shows like Dog the Bounty Hunter/ COPS etc it would be better than the loop of the same shows (Its sister channel Escape shows a lot of these factual type shows from A&E/Trutv so I thought Grit would also feature some of thelse type of shows?)
  13. You should try ION network. All they show is Psych, All the various Law & Order(s) series, Blue Bloods, and Criminal Minds.

    Over and over add naseum. Worthless channel that shouldn't even exist anymore.
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  14. Because everything else is already covered? If they started playing other shows (ones that don't feature Marlboro men) they would be just like every other themed channel that had to go outside their genre to find affordable content.

    The fact of the matter is that there didn't need to be three channels in the first place but that's how you up your overall commercial advertising time to nearly 100%.

    The repack seems likely to put a serious squeeze on subchannels in the biggest markets so I don't expect that the situation is going to get much better finance-wise for a long time.
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    GRIT does play a lot of Walker, but they still have a lot of movies on Saturday and Sunday. Also each day they have 3 or 4 movies as well. Now with their movies they play them over and over for many times a month. It is the repeats of the same movies over and over that drives me to other channels. If you PVR their shows, they still have some good movies each week. (but repeated so many times a month)
    Be sure to refer to their PDF schedule
    to get a full picture of their line-up. All their daily western series are played a lot each day, and if there is a couple of series one is interested in, then it is easily seen as not having anything on to watch.
    Some great classics coming up are Shakiest Gun in the WEST, and The Paleface.
    Grit does seem to be more of a westerns series channel than anything else. More series and not playing 4 episodes of the same series each day would help.
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