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Mar 27, 2004
Houston TX
Hey all you Houston TX Voomers! Post your experiences here. OTA experience, signal, etc., etc. I'm a VOOM wannabe....but will be a newbie on 4/7! Giddee up!
I will be hooked up 4/9. I'm on the west side, Dairy-Ashford area. I can't wait!!!

I really am going to miss Fox Sports Net and ESPN. ESPN looks like it could be added any day, but I'm out a lot of Astros games. As long as I can get KNWS OTA, I should be pacified.
Excellent ASF! I'm in an apt so I have other issues (dish location, pass-thrus, etc.). Per this site (and others) I've been checking periodically with Installs, Inc. to confirm install date/eqpt recd/shipped....just for peace of mind and no surprises. And granted programming is still on its way up. Hopefully it just keeps expanding. ESPN-HD has got to be added eventually...too much demand.
I'm in an apartment also, and my balcony faces EAST. I've heard that the sat is in the southeastern sky, so hopefully it'll be OK.

We are in an Op-tel property, and after 3 (*3!!*) tries to add HBO, I knew I should start looking elsewhere for TV service. When the tech brought over a cable box that was the speedometer in "Back to the Future", (this is 2004 right?? My cable box remote was made by a company that is freaking BANKRUPT! :mad: ) it was confirmed that I needed something else. I sent the tech away with the box. I can d/l Sopranos anyways until Voom gets turned on.

Voom definitely looks like the way to go.
I feel your pain. SBC Home Ent is the only option at my property (but of course no HD). Have always had TWC (never had sat before) but since it wasn't avail I've had the "2 Ds" come out but I have same orientation as you, so no dice since they're SSW. So, when I heard about VOOM thought 3rd time's the charm. Couldn't hurt, we'll see. What are you using for OTA, VOOM's stealth or do you have an indoor? Thought maybe I'd get a small indoor (I think the stealth may not be the call for an apt). www.antennaweb.org has distance from locals.
currently i have a samsung t150 for OTA locals hooked up to a Silver Sensor. Great Antenna. I will use that for my bedroom TV and use voom's antenna for the living room. You have to post how your install went, considering yours is before mine. Give me a heads up on what to expect.
Thanks for the info! I may go pick up that SS. I'll let you know how the install goes, you bet. I've got my fingers crossed for both of us!

astrossuperfan said:
As long as I can get KNWS OTA, I should be pacified.

Is KNWS going to part of the PG and seen via the VOOM box in HD? I am not interested in Astros (sorry) but in Becker which is on at 10pm on KNWS and WGN.

Any idea?

My install in Saturday 4/10

Welcome Tallguy. We're all soon-to-be Voomers here. Don't know anything about KNWS....would definitely be nice for sure. We can only hope eventually, if not right away. Glad to hear you've jumped on the Voom rocket!
it better be, since KNWS is a digital station and it broadcasts from the antenna farm in Mo. City with all the other channels. Voom is going to get a very unhappy caller if it isn't in the guide. I NEED THE ASTROS BABY!:yes:

Also, just because it is broadcast digitally, doesn't mean it is going to be HD. KNWS does not broadcast any HD programming. HDTV has resolutions of 1080i and 720p, KNWS broadcasts at 480p. Regular TV (analog) is 480i. I thought I would add this, as I don't know how into HDTV you are. Apologies if I'm out of line.

PS> It's OK if you're not a big Astros fan. Nobody's perfect. :D

EDIT: Just checked the Voom website program guide, and KNWS isn't listed. I'll email Sean and remedy this GROSS omission.
No problem. I'm with ya...and yeah I'm a 'stros fan, of course! Granted, I would think if KNWS does indeed broadcast digitally and your OTA eqpt talks their lingo (UHF vs. VHF) why wouldn't it be a done deal - now there I would definitely need a lesson :) . But why it's not in the guide, don't know. Yes, maybe the guru can help us out here. Oh Sean....
INSTALL IS DONE! Fantastic picture, fantastic sound, fantastic everything!

The only problem I had was no HBO like I wanted, and a quick call to Voom fixed that.

However, I don't know how someone could get this installed without the help of this forum. I had incorrect OTA mapping (0-4, 0-8, etc.) and I checked the forum and found that I needed to do a factory reset. Done and Fixed. If I hadn't known what to do, I'd have to wait on a voom tech line. I love you guys!

Welcome to the digital revolution ASF! Yes, I too couldn't have done with out these guys here - they helped tremendously....THANKS GANG! Hang in there, ESPN's gotta be here soon.
voomin in the burbs

I'm up in the Spring/Woodlands area. I get all OTA's...but on my own UHF/VHF. Voom antenna only brought in like 2 stations. I am 39 miles from the towers per antennaweb.org. The installer said sorry thats all you get. So i changed the coax to my preexisting antenna and voila`.

P.S. Tall guy, I looked on antennaweb.org and KNWS is not listed as a digital and is analog only.

P.S.S. I also saw PAX (KPXB-DT) listed as 5.1 and positioned on same towers as others. I will send email to see Voom Central can add it to channel mapping in Houston area.
you know what would solve all of the OTA problems?

MANUAL SCAN!!!! This would be huge if it were in the next software upgrade.

Speaking of which, how long after you got your service did your box call for a SW upgrade? I thought it was supposed to upgrade the first night but it didn't. My guide is an hour behind because of daylight savings time.
My time was behind too. But they hit it within a couple of days and changed it. Just give it a couple (work) days since your install was on Friday. Maybe it will happen first of next week. If it's not done by say Tues, I'd give 'em a call.