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May 16, 2004
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I just got my 622 installed. Also a Dish 1000. Very knowledgable and interested installer. Does D* and E* plus has done C band. Was surprised at my avatar when I told him of the Satelliteguys website. He said he was going to go to the site when he got home. Very interested in all of the information here.
I have a kid in Cairo, Egypt, studying the language and history. I told him when he gets home sometime, he would want to get the Arabic channels on Dish. With this information, he was able to get Dish to sub a DP44 for the DP34. I have the 61.5 in one of the "planters" shown in my avatar. No extra cost, YeeeeeeHeeee. I would wish that all installs would go as well as mine. Now I hope that the 622 holds up.
Good Luck to the rest of you...........



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Apr 3, 2006
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Oh dang, with that thread title I thought you were announcing that UniversalHD was about to show us some Fonz in HD. Heeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

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