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Jan 17, 2007
Can someone tell me if this is possible, or just wishful thinking

here is my current setup:

Toshiba 65" TV, DTV HR 21, LG TIB. USING THE HARMONY 550

i have the harmony set up for just the basic stuff, turning all equipment on, have the activities set up the way i want, but here is what i want to find out about.

DTV seems to have audio sync issues, my LG TIB has the controls where i can go into menu, go into audio, then go to a sub menu called HD AV SYNC and i can adjust the audio sync. when i do this i have to switch inputs on the tv, change the LG to dvd/cd. i have to this quite often and i have found if the audio is out of sync i can adjust it to 100ms and everything is great. Now if i change channels, the sound my be off sync on that channel and i have to do everything again. My question is is there a way where i can program the harmony to do all this for me and then take me back to watching the show with just a touch of a button?

My next question has to do with the TV, it has a sub menu that will adjust the size of the screen, ex. theater 1, theater 2, theater 3, etc. is there someway to set these up to change with just one touch of the button,


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Nov 11, 2006
Snow Belt, OH
I have the Harmony 720 and I think you can use the Logitech software that came with it to program a string of commands to a button. It's been a while since I used it, but I think I did that to change my TV's video appearance (sports, standard, movie, preference) with a button push. I think it's under the Device Name>>>Customize Button>>>Add A Sequence (that's using software version 7.4.3)
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