Has anyone ever seem Voom working at Sears?


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Sep 25, 2003
I have been to two local Sears stores several times. Neither store has a Voom live one was showig a DVD demo. When I asked the Sales Associate if they had sold any systems e said no. Has anyone seen Voom on a DDTV in a Sears store?
My local sears store in King of Prussia PA, has one television dedicated to Voom with the rest dedicated to Dish and a few with the local cable company Comcast. unfortunately the salespeople aren't very knowledgable about Voom!! :|
Oddly enough it was playing at my local Sears on 10/16.

However they shut it down a couple of days later because they could not block the "R" rated material. They have it off now and the remote is hidden.
The first time I saw VOOM at Sears it was turned off. After I did some research about VOOM on the internet I went back to Sears and made them turn it on. The last time a went to Sears which was about a week later it was still on.
Not I. I bought Voom sight unseen. I read a lot of post here and there then I decided to order it online at Vooms web site.
VOOM still up and running at Sears in Moreno Valley CA. Still not a pretty picture though. It seems overly pixellated when there is motion in the picture as on a sports program. They only have one set showing VOOM. The others are showing the E* HDTV demo.
I saw it a couple of months ago at one store, but it kept freezing. No one noticed me touching it. I went back a few weeks later and it was working well, but they were using the RF output! :shock:

They actually noticed me changing the channels this time, and said it had been freezing up (old software I suppose). Then I showed them that it worked and they shut up.

I went to another Sears yesterday and their receiver was totally dead, it wouldn't even reset. They didn't even notice me, even though I was pushing every button on the receiver! BTW, I have yet to see a DVD demo.

Welcome to the forum. I do not know what the Sears people are doing using an RF output! That's a disgrace to VOOM.

Here's one good explanation about the dead receivers at Sears I took from another forum where it was posted.

The problem that some Sears stores are having are a direct result that the stores power is cut off every night. This happens in about 90% of all the Sears stores nation wide. The problem with this is that a large majority of the updates and downloads occur at the late hours of the night. If the receiver is not powered up, this download or update would not allways occur when power was returned to the receiver in the morning. This would cause havoc on the receiver thus would need to be replaced.

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