Has anyone in PR tested a DPP Twin LNB with a 4/5 feet antenna?


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Jan 25, 2005
Bayamon, Puerto Rico
I'm talking about this LNB. I know the new antenna used in PR uses something like that (2 lnbs in the same antenna) but I think the antenna is too small (I live in Bayamon and it's always raining). So has anyone experimented with it?

Right now I have a 6' channelmaster and a 5' metal antenna (dont know maker). I'm just checking to see if I can get rid of the channelmaster, leave the 5' with new DPP lnb for 110/119 so I can get the hopper later. :)
Don't know abt the big one...but the new small antenna with dp lnb works great for me & I am in Bayamon also. Signal loss only during heavy rain.
wont work. The larger dishes have a different focal distance spot than the stock dish. That wont even work on the new "Puerto Rico Dish 500" because the LNB spacing is different (there is a gap between the LNB's)

you'll get one satellite but not both.
You can still use the hopper w/ 2 DP LNB's. Just run them into a DPP switch (DPP 33 or DPP 44)

So, 2 antennas, each with a DP Single LNB to the switch then off the switch to the node.

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