Have anybody noticed the changes at SonicTap

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Aug 21, 2008
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Since May 2014, there have been changes at SonicTap music channels on D*

What I like about the change? Adding more classic songs.

What I disliked? For many reasons
1.)Malt Shop Oldies not playing 50s music.
2.)Some songs on 60s Revolution aren't original versions by original artists (examples You Got Your Troubles by The Fortunes and Midnight Confessions by The Grass Roots) just like a Bruno Mars song said Our song on the radio, but it don't sound the same.
3.)Also on 60s Revolution not a single recording of a track by The Beatles playing which feels like the important part of the 60s missing.
4.)Hype channel starting to do clean rap songs (aka censored versions) instead of uncensored which they used it do (like cuss words not muted out)
5.)SonicTap GOING DOWNHILL my friend!

The current programmer running this mess should get a PINK SLIP and bring the old one back. It's like their own version of Channel Drifting or NETWORK DECAY like some dummy execs at cable TV networks want to attract ratings like History NOT doing History or Cartoon Network airing live-action nonsense.

I've e-mailed SonicTap about this, no replies.
Days and a few days later, I e-mailed DIRECTV about it, they replied.


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Oct 26, 2010
People listen to Sonic Tap? The audio quality alone makes the service useless for most folks.

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