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Scott Greczkowski

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Sep 7, 2003
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I have received a few reports from members that they are having stayed logged in even after clicking the "REMEMBER ME" box.

So far only 5 users out of 2,100 have reported the problem. (Phew!)

Luckily I have a fix for this problem, if you have to log in here every time you visit even when you click "remember me" please click on the URL below.


This will fix the currupt SatelliteGuys Cookie on your hard drive, and the next time you logon, remember me will remember you. :)

(Note DO NOT run this script unless you have this problem) :D
I had this problem at home, but not at work. After the switch over the weekend, it works fine at home, even without going to the above link. :confused:
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Hey Scott, the NEON BLUE is COOL.. BUT

Getting a lot of Spam after becoming member here!

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