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A few folks have emailed me asking if the site is down. The answer to that is no... as I am on it now as are many members.

However I can not get to the site from my Comcast Connection but can get to it from my Level 3 connection and my AT&T connection.

I just heard on the radio that there has been a major failure of some of the major DNS servers that some ISP's use and believe that is whats causing the issue. I don't know if it helped or not but pushed out a DNS update so those servers could reindex us.

Got to love the Internet. :D
I've been having an issue of my posts taking a while to actually post on here. One of them actually posted twice.
Yeah that is being caused by the DNS issue. When you post a new thread the title of that thread is posted to Twitter. But with the internet issues our server can't connect to Twitter. So its timing out.
No word of this on CNN or BBC. Fixed already?

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Yup Comcast is still down for me as well all others are working.

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I have Comcast here and could not logon most of the morning. I finally had some URL's in my cache that go directly to individual forums and that is how I'm logged in now. I still can't log in using the basic URL.
Comcast just sent me an update...
We expect this to be resolved by 8/12/2014 at 2:18:35 PM.

Looks like its fixed to me here. :D
Just recently came back via uverse. Just kept timing out since around 10am.
I went out to do some yard work and when I came back about 2:30PM my original link worked again. I don't understand why some links worked and others didn't but its good to know the "back door" still allows access.
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