Having trouble positioning dish just right!


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May 10, 2004
Hello! I have been trying for what seems like an eternity to get SkyAngel programming in my home. We have the dish and reciever, but can't get it positioned to receive the signal! AAARRRGGGHHH!!! We are former DISH customers. We'd like to have SkyAngel, but don't want to pay any more $$$ out to installers! I have a satellite finder, but still can't get it just right. I can get the signal up to about 75%, but that's it. Am I going to have to get an installer out here at $75 an hour? The funny thing is, I can get Angel One just fine right now. Weird, huh? Any help would be appreciated! Peace in Him, pumpkinoel
You should not have to get an installer out. Did you look up the angle and adjustements for 61.5? Once you have the dish set for that all you should have to do is point it towards 61.5 (southeastern depending on where your at) and you should be able to find the signal. 75 is not a bad signal on 61.5 Ive seen that before, the highest I ever saw on any 61.5 setup was near 85.
If you are using an old receiver (any of the 4 digit models), 75 would be like 110 on the new ones.

Once you get to 75, try messing with the elevation a little to help pinpoint it. As long as the bar is green, you should be OK

The best I have seen on an older receiver on 61.5 is 80, so you're doing good there.

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