HD-Lite Class Action

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It's about time the courts ruled for the little guy for a change, instead of letting
the bully get his way!!
I agree the abirtration clause will probably not be upheld as vaild, but the lawsuit is hogwash, I mean WTF. You can either have the service or not. I mean what does "high quality" mean? Where does your service agreemen define it? You should the wild fuctuation from decent to crap on my Latino channels, but I cnalt get them anywhere else, so WTF am I going to do? This is a retarded suit, but this is America and companies are so stupid they will probably cave and pay something to make it go away which will only perpetuate the cycle of stupid lawsuits. DTV is already catching heat in the from of lost subscribers and complaints and the suit itself and is in the process of fixing this problem and I am confident they will be NO. 1 again or close to it, if not in 2 years or when the Saints leave NOLA I will leave. So be it.
The real problem would have been solved long ago IF the FCC had decided to set standards for the HD spectrum, but they DID NOT do this.
There are no standards for HD bandwidth .... other than being 720 or better, but nothing as far as bandwidth requirements.

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