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Jul 14, 2005
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Because it's against federal law for ANY satellite provider to "knowingly" sell out of market locals. Local stations got this law passed, because they have the "exclusive" rights to broadcast ABC, etc in a given market & they do NOT like sharing ad time with stations coming from the outside of the market.

Understand I DON'T agree with this stupid law at all - just pointing out the reason why. And since both D* & E* probably secretly agree, that's why they don't go out of their way to keep tabs on "movers"; they're still getting the same amount of $$$ for networks from you, regardless of WHICH ones they are. (or in some cases, MORE $$$, since many people "move" from local markets where D* does NOT even carry locals - in this case, they're making MORE $$$ from you!)

This law is SOOOOOO outdated it's not funny.
Someone has to take the initive and get with the people that matter and have the OTA , Network and Cable/ sat laws revamped.



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Aug 1, 2006
Oh I know that....like I said, non-sleezebusiness reason....which is basically what the TV lobby in this case consist of. Of course if we want to start talking about arcane laws, we could spend the rest of our lives doing so. I'd be interested if JSP even thinks of "moving" or if it's just people like us. Anyone care to guess how widespread the "moving" technique is?
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