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May 5, 2005
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I thought I saw a post here that gave specific information about which RSNs were going HD and also giving the satellite locations. But I can't find it now.

I think I'm going to be screwed twice on this one. Once because Dish will be using even more HD bandwidth off of 61.5. And the second time because I'm in the Midwest but can't see 129 due to trees, so I'm using 61.5. I'm sure the midwest RSNs will be placed on 129, so I won't be able to see them.
That doesn't look like what I saw before. The one I saw specifically listed which RSN's were going to 129 and which to 61.5. With 10 going to 129 and 5 to 61.5.

I wonder if I saw it in the member's pub?
I found the post I was searching for. Hokiefan put it up on AVSFORUM in an easy to read format:

Service: 359 (CSNWS) user defined (0xa6)
Service: 360 (ALTUD) user defined (0xa6)
Service: 365 (FOXAZ) user defined (0xa6)
Service: 366 (FOXSW) user defined (0xa6)
Service: 367 (FOXW) user defined (0xa6)
Service: 369 (FOXBA) user defined (0xa6)
Service: 374 (CSNMA) user defined (0xa6)
Service: 376 (FOXNW) user defined (0xa6)
Service: 379 (CSNCH) user defined (0xa6)
Service: 386 (FOXN) user defined (0xa6)

Service: 362 (MSG) user defined (0xa6)
Service: 363 (FOXNY) user defined (0xa6)
Service: 370 (FOXS) user defined (0xa6)
Service: 372 (SUN) user defined (0xa6)
Service: 385 (FOXNE) user defined (0xa6)
Service: 374 (CSNMA) user defined (0xa6)

CSNMA is available from both locations.
And my concerns were realized. I'm in the Fox Sports North coverage area. That is being placed on 129, which I can't pick up without moving my dishes from pole mounts to my roof. I won't do that to pick up 1 channel.

I posted on here months ago that this would probably occur. So it is no surprise to me.
Another tidbit that Hokiefan passed along is that there will be only 1 transponder on each of 129 and 61.5 devoted to RSN HD channels. So there is a maximum of 4 HD channels that can be aired simultaneously. So if 6 of the 10 129 channels are airing HD at the same time, only 4 of them can be shown.

There are also worries about the fact that they plan to show up to 4 simultaneously, as that isn't much bandwidth per channel. Not much at all for sports. So we may see a lot of compression artifacts on these channels.

Of course, I don't know how much of this is verified and nothing is set in stone until E* flips the switch ... which could happen this week.
I raised no objections to the logic of putting FOXN on 129. It is logical.

As to moving my dishes to my roof ... why would I want to do that? They work perfectly fine on pole mounts, I can tweak them whenever I want, upgrade them with ease, I can clean them off whenever I want, and I don't have ugly dishes mounted on my house. There is no way I'd give all of that up, plus go through the cost and hassle to move them and the cabling up to my roof in order to get FOXN HD (and likely crappy HD).

It would be nice to have for the few times that I tune into FOXN, but this isn't a "killer" offering for me.

I was just lamenting that my prediction that the RSNs would go to the wings and require 129 from my location proved to be true.

Personally, I would rather these not even go up in HD as it takes yet another precious HD transponder off of 61.5
Yeah I already get the 129 and my RSN is FoxSports SouthWest so I should be fine. :)
Question?? If I add the Multisport package, with all the RSN's, and I currently have the HD package, will I get the HD versions for the other RSN's???
The only thing they're showing in HD is the actually game, so there would be nothing to see
Yes I understand that, the game/games are the only thing in HD, but would I be able to see games on the other RSN's, that are not in my area? I am in the Sacramento DMA, and get Comcast Sports Net, and I think the FSN Bay area.

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