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May 20, 2006
OK i have been with Directv for 5 years now. Use to have Time warner cable. At the time Directv was number one in HD. Now looking at Time warner they have more HD channels than Directv. They are about $5 cheaper no big deal but you get the Smithsonian and MGM channels for the same price in the tier. And Premium start at $7 like HBO is that really true.Now has the PQ got any better i read it is about the same. So do you or anyone you know have time warner cable.:rolleyes:
Since every cable system is different you might want to find the TWC info for your city over at Local HDTV Info and Reception - AVS Forum .

When looking at pricing make sure you figure in any receiver/DVR charges, that's where TWC will hit you, at lease in Austin.

Location really does make a big difference; I was shocked to see RCN's pic quality & offerings in the downtown Chicago area. I used to laugh at them & WOW cable here. :rant:
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