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Sep 16, 2003
Been a sub with dish since 96 I have bought several different receivers. Last Sept. the ceo office did the upgrade to the 942 for 249.00 Life was great i put my 508 and 721 to rest in the closet. i figured dish would do the right thing with mpeg4 Boy was i wrong. Here is my situation I really don't have alot of interest with HD but it is nice. I just hate having a 942 just as a SD DVR and pay $11.00 bucks just to use it before any level of service. But if i disc. the 942 and return it i lose the possibility of getting the $200.00 rebate in april for the VIP 622 I know sooner or later i will be forced to upgrade to mpeg 4 it just makes me so mad to have to commit to 18 months more with dish and shell out another $100.00. i am thinking of just puting my 721 back into service and returning the 942 and losing the $200.00 rebate on the 622 in april.

what would you guys suggest ?
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May 19, 2005
you have been with dish since 96 so you obviously like the product whats another 18 months. 100 bucks for a brand new state of the art reciever is a pretty good deal to me, why not just wait and return the 942 when the rebate takes effect?


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Nov 15, 2003
sell the 942 and use the 721, since you said you don't have a lot of interest in hd, and have a 721. The 721 is great sd unit with no extra fees.


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Nov 20, 2003
Seattle, WA
retiredTech said:
sell the 942 and use the 721, since you said you don't have a lot of interest in hd, and have a 721. The 721 is great sd unit with no extra fees.

Don't do that. The 942 is leased, you will have to pay E* the full retail price if you do not return it & the person who buys it will not be able to activate it because it is a leased receiver owned by E*

Tom Bombadil

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May 5, 2005
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It really comes down to your usage of the HD channels. If you are satisfied with using the 942 to get the standard 5-channel HD Pack, HBO, and pick up some OTA HD locals, then you've got a reason to stay on the 942.

If you want more HD channels, then its a relatively inexpensive upgrade to the 622. Paying for the expanded HD channel lineup over the next year will cost more than the 622 upgrade ($10 increase times 12 months = $120).

If you are primarily watching SD, with a little HD thrown in, then the 942 is a great DVR. This decision would be a little easier to make if Dish were public with their future plans for the current MPEG2 HD channels. They owe this to their customers, but they aren't giving us the details.

You should be mindful that when you upgraded to the 942 for $249 that it is highly likely that you commited to a 12 month lease. You might want to call a CSR and ask if you have any current commitments on your account. If so, then if you return your 942 to Dish now, you could be hit with an $80-$100 early lease termination fee.

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