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George Carey

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Apr 5, 2008
San Francisco, CA
HI all,

this is my first post here, so bear with me.

I have recently made the decision to bring my 10ft dish back to life.
I purchased a DSR920 off ebay. I also just replaced the LNB's C/Ku.
Prior to replacing the LNB's i would get sporatic reception on the 1-24 channels on most of the birds. Nothing consistent, but annoying.

Just replaced the LNB's Thursday evening along with the servo, figured while I was there right ??!!
Then i was not receiving about half of the channels.... Idiot replacing the servo did not line it up..... Duh...

Ok, so as it worked out a corotor2+ showed up on my door although I had not ordered it, long story. I decided to replace the feedhorn this am and just do it all fresh. Got the feedhorn installed and adjusted, and dialed in.

Come into the house to check everything. Now I dont have ANY channels between 1-24 anywhere , but I have bitchen sig strength. Good sign right ??
So, I figure I will un plug it let it reset then go from there. I plugged it back in after about an hour or so and began to lock in the sats. Now my sig strength is constantly flopping between 10 and 90..... Ah What does that mean ????

Also, when I go to a known good sig and station, analog /clear, the screen will look like it wants to develop a picture, but then goes blank.
I know the 920s had issues.... Is this a indication of this thing going Tango Uniform ????



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Mar 9, 2007
Sounds like a weak signal condition to me. A 10-90 on the signal meter is an indication of that. Start from scratch check and see if the feedhorn is installed and adjusted as per dish specs and chaparral's polar axis. When you sure the feed is 100% then do a realignment of the dish on the arc.


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Oct 27, 2007
While you still have a chance start the tune with c band analog.
move up to digital fine tuning then move on to Ku.
I know I found an analog in the clear list somewhere for the 4dtv sats.
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