IPods stuck on shuffle.


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Sep 7, 2005
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I have my music on my iPhone 4 and for some reason it will not play an album track from start to finish. It stays within the album I've chosen but seems to shuffle around between songs. It shows a shuffle button when I pick an album. But it does not seem to be an on/off button. It jumps to a different song every time I hit it. Does anyone know how to stop this?
Ok. Start playing a song in what ever album you have selected. Now you should see the album artwork being displayed. Tap any where on the screen, and you should see a new overlaid set of options pop up. The shuffle button is on the right, below the time bar. Green is shuffle, tap it to subdue it. That turns shuffle on or off. When done, tap the screen again, and the overlay goes away. HTH.

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