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Apr 8, 2008
Ok, I posted this a few weeks ago, but I have a little more information about my problem.

I live in an apartment complex that originally was wired for cable. The apartment association made a switch to satellite. A few years ago, they installed 3LNB dishes, hooked up to the existing cable wires. My one bedroom apartment has a coxial output in the bedroom and TV room. I want to have satellite in both rooms, however, the satellite vendor said this is difficult, if impossible to do. He explains that there is only one input into the apartment, so as a result, not only can I only use one tuner on the HD DVR (HR21) in the tv room, but that the output in my bedroom will not work (it will show "searching for signal"). He blames this on the exisitng set up with the wires and splitters. This is the email he sent me when I inquired about how to set up two receivers in the apartment.

"You can lease the HD receiver, however, you can only have one satellite receiver in a one bedroom. This is due to building wiring limitations. You can split this signal to watch the same Channel in two rooms. This requires an A/V Amp splitter ($129.00), an HDMI A/V Amp splitter ($239.00), or simply use the Composite & line level Audio (Yellow,Red, White) outputs for no additional charge. We currently have Tripple (3LNB) dishes on the roof with no immediate plans for upgrade.

Hope this helps."

Is there a cheaper and easier way to make this possible? I find it strange that there is a perfectly good satellite output in my bedroom that cannot be used. Thanks!

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Joe Diamond

SatelliteGuys Pro
May 3, 2004
Upgrade the 3 phase dish to 5 lnb Ka/Ku Dish.

That will give you HD, sort of. Wait for the Single Wire Multiswitch (SWM).Then your apartment wire will gain functionality. Same wire...DTV system will work . Someone will have to install these minor features but you won't have to rewire your building.

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