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Mar 5, 2010
Madison, WI
I'm having a billing issue and have been on hold for the past 20 (EDIT: 30) minutes waiting for a supervisor. Previous to that I was on the phone for over 20 minutes with a rep trying to resolve the issue and another 25 minutes with a different rep who said my line was breaking up (after she could not resolve my issue), but I could hear her fine. :rant:I'm very patient, but this is bull****. :mad:

I haven't had a billing problem in the past, not to mention a service problem, but because of the run-around I'm getting, I'm ready to rip the dish off the roof.

Basically, about 4 weeks ago I was promised something that wasn't taken off my bill and the people I talked to on the phone said they can't do anything about it. WHAT?

Since nobody will get me off of "HOLD" will somebody here help please?

You guys have seen the "This is Peggy..." commercial? This is it in real life form.

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