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Jul 16, 2009
Virginia (Near Roanoke)
I have an Azbox premium (firmware 0.9.4219), 10-ft mesh BUD, Toshiba TRX-1820 to move dish and change skew, Corotor II with Norsats 8115 & 4507A. Tried to watch the KY-FL BB game last night on AMC 16 12140H 29270. Had no problems locking the signal and it scanned in okay (Sig S 74, Sig Q 54). When I went to watch the game however, there was no audio and the picture would freeze for about one second every nine or ten seconds. I tried the yellow (lang) button then switched channels and back again but neither gave me any audio. Next I did a “blind” scan and that gave me duplicate channels with slightly difference frequencies which both had the same problem of no audio and freezing every ten seconds. I then rebooted and that caused the audio to come in although it did not solve the freezing problem. The picture did not pixilate as it sometimes does with a weak signal. Has anyone else had this type of freezing problem or have any ideas as to what to do about it?


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Feb 28, 2008
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Q54 seems a little low for a nice HD signal like that game had.
Try again tonight, there should be a game of similar quality.
If the same thing happens, sometimes it helps to re-install the Firmware from USB, using the Format Application Area first.

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