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Aug 11, 2007
Des Moines, IA
I am currently having pixelation issues on my 2 clients. I have a HR54 with a C61k and a C41. Recently, the pixelation has been getting really bad on the clients. The HR54, not sure as it sits in a computer rack and is not used for TV viewing. The way my home is, I cannot move it as I am also using an AM21. I have had this set up for a long time and never have any issues what so ever.

Back to my issue. I have checked all connections, there is no corrosion on any connections. All cables are in excellent condition. My system is wired in the following manner.

5D2RBLNB to a 2 way splitter and then to 2 4 way splitters. I have the Genie and clients on one splitter with a power supply attached and the HR54 is not connected to the red power port on the splitter, like I mentioned, I have an external power supply connected in case there are issues with the HR54, my other receivers will still work. the other receivers I have in the home are run off the other 4 port splitter which only consist of 6 turners.

I know my signature shoes more equipment, but that equipment is located in a camper and 2 barns!
Oh and the WorldDirect is not even being used till I can get the new RBLNB.

Any assistance would be great.
Thank you
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