HELP with Signal Strength in New Rooftop Install

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May 4, 2004
I just moved and had a new triple LNB dish installed on the roof of my new home, however I am concerned that the installers did a quick and lazy job of aligning the dish. The signal strengths for most transponders are in the 70s and low 80s, with a just a few in the 90s and some in the 60s. This Sunday, the second night with my new setup, The Sopranos lost almost 10 minutes due to rain fade, something that has rarely happened to me over the past six years in my old house, where I recall getting signal strengths consistently in the 90s.

What type of signal strengths should I expect?

For reference, my new home is located in a northern VA suburb of DC. The dish was installed on the roof of my home with absolutely no obstructions anywhere. I had RG-6 prewiring done in to the roof for satellite connections and throughout the house for distribution. The cable runs from the dish to a junction box are about 75 feet; and about another 40 to 50 feet to each of the two rooms. I have two Sony Ultimate TV receivers with two connections each, and plan to add an HD Tivo as soon as I can find one available.

My questions are:

What signal strength should I expect from a rooftop installation with a perfectly clear view?
Does the triple LNB dish get weaker signals than my previous dish because it is trying to catch two satellites?
Are there differences in transponder strengths? Are some more important and some less important?
Is the length of my cable runs a problem for signal strength?
Should I add some type of signal amplifiers or a powered multiswitch (since I will be adding the HD Tivo soon?
Or did the installers simply do a quick and lazy job because they get no extra pay for fine tuning the dishes alignment and should I call Directv back and tell them to send someone out to do the job right?

Would greatly appreciate any advice?
You should have the installer come back to tweak the dish more. I have a phase 3 dish as well and I am getting high 80s to mid 90s across the board on all satellites. I also have a clear view to the sky.

By the way it was raining here in NYC as well on Sunday during the Sopranos and no rain fade at all.

Hope that helps.
Phase 3 does not mean lower signal strengths. Get the installers back out if you have the same receivers you should have similar signal strengths.
90's here

I did my own install,I am shooting right over some trees located about 200 yards SW of my house.Our signal strength is 85-90 at all times except when there is a severe strom going through
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