Phone line *truly* necessary?

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Apr 28, 2004
I'm interested in upgrading my Dtv system to include a Dtv Tivo dual receiver-- the website indicates that to do this, I'll need to attach a land-based phone line. We only have cell phones, and haven't set up phone service in our house (the lines are there, we just have no account with the local phone company).

Is it truly necessary to have the machine connected to a phone line? If I don't do this, what happens?

also, related, but not the same question-- we currently only have one receiver/tuner in the house. If we wanted to get a second, we were told we needed a phone line attached.
Can someone explain why this is necessary, and what happens if you don't have a phone line? ($26/month for phone service is pretty steep when you use your cell for all calls)

A phone line is necessary for the first software download. After the first one the phone line is no longer required and all other software updates come via the satellite. Try taking it to a friends house and forcing it to do a download.

D* policy states that you must have a phone line hooked up at all times but it is not enforced.
I told the D* CSR when I had all mine installed that 2 of my 3 receivers weren't near phone lines and she told me that it wasn't a problem that she would note that on my account. When we got to a straight VoIP solution I will tell them that we no longer have a land based telephone service.
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