Hey I was on Tv today talking about the Viacom issue

I was interviewed by one of our members who is in the press for a story for tomorrow. I'm curious to see what comes of that. I'll post a URL as soon as I find it.
A rather interesting quote:

But Charles Ergen, chairman of EchoStar, Dish Network's parent, said during another conference call that if the difference were just 6 cents, "we would sign that contract tomorrow."

However, he said, Viacom is also insisting that if Dish Network wants to carry the 15 Viacom-owned CBS affiliates, including KTVT/Channel 11 in Dallas-Fort Worth, it must buy 13 other Viacom channels at higher rates.
I saw the report last night too. They (WDIV) acutally seems to present it in a fairly balanced manner. I was expecting it to be a attack on Dish

E* and Viacom - go Dish!

DISH fighting the battle for DirectTV

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