Hmm..not sure whats going on with my receiver?


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Feb 22, 2004
I have been getting quite a few freeze up with the remote where the Voom button lights up no matter what button you hit. I know its typical, and normally I have to unplug the receiver and it comes back fine. Well it was happening alot today and the last time I unplugged it I can't seem to get the satellite signal to broadcast. The voom menu comes up fine and but the on/off button doesn't seem to work now. Just seems to be acting up. I tried moving the access card in and out and played with the red button. Any ideas anyone?

that's weird. I haven't experienced the same. I assume that you have the latest software? If this continues, call for a replacement. Also, check you connections and make sure all your coax are connected tighly.
Hmm...I just talked with Voom and apparantly its a software issue they are having with a minority of people. Basically when I turn the receiver off (little red satellite disappears), the receiver stays on and I can still change the channels? Strange.

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