Hopper 3 Recordings Issue?


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Aug 7, 2012
Sequim, WA
It's fixed for me now. That was fast. I was expecting it to last until Monday at the least... CSRs must've gotten too many complaints on these two days alone.

This does make me wonder though... if you don't use the Dish Anywhere app (guessing Hopper needs to be internet-connected for that), and you only have 1 Hopper in the house (like most of us do), then does that mean there's the possibility of permanently losing access to everything recorded on the H3? I mean, assuming the HD doesn't fail, the recordings are still there, but the guide data and the UI for the episode listings should be separate from the recordings themselves. Even if there's no data available for the shows or episodes, you should still be able to access them directly on the DVR itself. :facepalm
It was fixed last night but broken again this morning.


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Pub Member / Supporter
Dec 28, 2006
Talladega, Alabama
I'm having the same issues. I think it's the guide. I think last Friday the guide froze and would not move past the page showing on the screen. I tried the power pull reboot and when it came back a box popped up and said the guide was restoring. The guide worked great for a few day but is doing it again tonight. It will not scroll past 3 days. I have a H3.

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