Hopper Plus / Joey 4 users check in here!


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Nov 19, 2022
For those who have gotten a Hopper Plus or Joey 4's installed please check in here and let us know what you think!

Remember if you need help we are here for you, we have a large number of SatelliteGuys members who have been testing these devices for quite awhile as well as members of the DISH Android Project team here. So we can support you with most issues you have.

Please remember however that we have no access (nor want access) to Dish customer accounts so please do not post or share account numbers with anyone on SatelliteGuys.

Welcome to the Dish Android Family!
Got my hopper plus on Friday. Several issues:

1. Apps will start but then shut down and return to Home screen.
2. Hulu in particular won't start at all.

Restarting the plus helps with these issues for a short bit, but then they return.

I got this as I like the idea of having my streaming apps in one "interface" without having to switch inputs and devices. I've read where people say that things begin to "straighten out" after a short time. Has anyone else experienced the apps shutting down and the Hulu issue?

Any suggestions?


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Aug 31, 2022
Interesting new bug that has shown up, wondering if anyone else is running into the same. I have the remote programmed for my TV and Yamaha audio system. Everything works great except when pressing power on the remote it just sends a mute signal to the Yamaha. This only started within the last day or two as it was working great before that