How does Bell's RA policy work?


SatelliteGuys Pro
Oct 14, 2004
I was recording my programs from my 9241 without a satellite signal connected and the receiver died on me! I guess, those receivers are not meant to be used without an lnbf connected. My question is, Dish Network will RA anything that is on an account. So, could I give this to a Canadian friend, have him add it to his account and then have it RAed?


SatelliteGuys Pro
Apr 15, 2007
If the Receiver is not currently on an account then yes it should be possible. If it is on an account, then it has to be removed first.

Easiest way to add a Receiver to a Bell account is through the on-line system at Bell dot ca, no need to call into Bell at all.

I would suggest that for best repair and replacement that all Canadians who can, subscribe to Dish care, which is an Insurance scheme that allows for replacement of receivers etc at no additional cost, providing the Dish care is up to date.

A 9241 replacement under an RMA is around $125 I think.


Resident Bozo
Jun 2, 2012
Northern, VT
In Bell jargon... RMA = free replacement under waranty/Dish care. RTO is out of waranty which involves a fee.

If Dish care is added NOW. must wait 30 days before making a claim.

Cheers, K