How does your OTA install look?


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May 16, 2004

I am scared as to how the OTA will look installed on my house. Anyone have any pictures of your OTA installs?

The antenna that Voom uses, the Channel Master StealthAntenna, is one of the aesthetically best looking antennas available. Not bad reception to boot... If it weren't raining, I'd go snap a pic of mine, but, wouldn't do much for you right now.
The Stealth is actually not a bad looking Ant. In my area though a more directional Ant without the amp is working better than the Stealth did with the amp. So I replaced the Stealth with a directional ant...which still doesnt look all that bad. Do yourself a favor, go to radio shack and buy yourself a tripod mount and a 5ft mast. The higher you get the Stealth the better. The 5 ft masts are great at radio shack because you can add to it anytime you want by buying another 5ft mast...they connect together ...up we go!!!!!
Differant story if you upgrade to channel master 4228 It looks like a huge 4foot by 4foot verticle mish starship flyswatter!!

And yes I LOVE IT>!
OTA Direction?

According to, I have OTA stations two different directions from me. How do they point the antenna to get the best of both?

FWIW, I moved my Stealth antenna from an exterior roof mount to inside my attic. This actually improved my signal strength (the original location was not at all optimal). If you have an attic then you have another alternative.

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