How do I get to the menu option that tells me OTA signal numbers??


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May 10, 2004
Los Angeles, CA
I saw the installer go to a menu that tells the OTA signal in numbers? How do I find this menu. Any help would be appreciated!
At the top of the V* forum is an area called: Important VOOM Information & FAQ's

It should answer most questions you have.
There are three of four different menus showing signal strength/quality. Here is the easiest one to get to: press Help, Info, OK, wait a couple of seconds and then press Down twice.
Hey Ilya, Do think a OTA Sig. Quality at 36-40 is fair or good? I'm getting a bit of some breakup on a couple channels, that I should be to to get.

I think it's rather low. It will be breaking up at such level.
Thanks for all your help, I have a massive Weingard that is pointed wrong that I paid a ton to have installed (non-Voom) and you've really helped me with this. A million thanks!

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