How many LNBs can you fit on a dish?

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Jan 1, 2010
I'm considering setting up a fixed dish with multiple lnbs and was wondering if there was any sort of formula for determining how wide of an arc you could get based upon dish size?

Can I ask what sort of spacing people have been able to accomplish with a 90-120cm dish. I'm guessing ~30-40deg should be possible but would like to hear what people have been able to do.
Thanks in advance.
A 30-40 degree spread is possible on a Toroidal dish such as the Wave Frontier T90, but I don't think it is feasible on a regular dish. The DBS dishes get nearly 20 degrees, but remember that those satellites are more powerful than linear Ku-Band birds.
You might be able to do 20 degrees on a 90CM on each side of the boresight LNB (the one in the middle)

As tron noted, toroidal dishes are really the only ones that can get 40 degrees. I has one and was able tor get 72-111.1 no issues and when I added a piece of wood on the bar to extend it far enough I could get 119 DBS too. The review area has the pics of mine
I found on my 1.2m i could get 111W linear to 82W circular, and i could get 1 degree spacing for 111W linear and 110 circular by strapping (tie straps and tape):) lnbs together side by side, and pointing in a little, found that after i had 4 on there i had to put support under the arm, from the weight. But my base was mobile not fixed, so i could move it to different parts of the step to see around trees.
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One thing to remember however is that there is only ONE focal point of a sat dish. This means that any LNBFs that are off the prime focus will be a compromise.
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