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Sep 16, 2017
Tulsa ok
I have an HR22 revceiver I have hooked to a standard def oval dish with 3 lnb's. I am only using 1 wire so I am not able to record on one channel while watching the other. I am going to switch to a SWM dish and I have a couple of questions.
1. I think I need a power inserter for this. Is that correct?
2. Can a record on one channel and watch another with a single cable?
3. Do I need to get a cable splitter to hook up to both antenna inputs on the HR22?
4. If I switch back to the standard def triple lnb dish do I need to remove the power inserter? I am using this n my RV and the place where I usually park it has a fixed hi def dish but when I am not there I plan on using the standard def dish because it is easier to aim.
You do need a power inserter with a swm setup.
Yes, one cable in a swm setup lets you do that.
No, only one cable from the dish.
Yes, remove the power inserter when using a Phase III dish.
Yes, everything raoul5788 says ...

But for more clarity on #3. No splitter, for SWiM it's a single cable run to the HR22 receiver tuner input #1. Tuner input #2 is left blank.
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