HR10-250 Crashing

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Feb 11, 2006
Has anyone had their HR10-250 HD DTV receiver crash since receiving the recent software update? While watching my team Yankees get blown out my receiver deceided to powerup.
It is the second time in about a week that this has happened.Is their any thing that i must do?Should Igive Direct a call? Thanks Tom
You could be losing the disk. You should clean-up the unit, recordings, dead season passes and then restart the recorder on your own. I am actually in the process of removing the Zipper from mine, so I can demo & support this software. D* cannot really troubleshoot an intermittent issue, forums are your best bet.
Seems like a lot of problems being posted about the TIVO 10-250 these days. Is it because they are getting older? Maybe one good reason to be leasing receivers these days.
No problems at all like that, my only problems have been small ones, usually cleared up by rebooting. I don;t even have to do that according to tech support if I just wait until the 2 a.m. update they will be fixed then (like losing a few channels, or remote quits qorking) and I have found that to be correct, if it's late I have not rebooted and when I get up in the mroning after the 2 a.m. update all the problems, when there are any, are fixed after the update.
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