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Oct 7, 2005
I know the answer to this question, I will however ask it anyway...
Is there anyway to prevent the HR20 to not cut off the last 20 seconds or so of each show it records. If a show runs from 8:00:00 to 8:30:20 it will cut it off at 8:30. How did Tivo get around this? I never had this issue before the HR20.
Maybe they can have it fixed when they enable OTA, in October, . ........ 2017
HR20 is just like a Tivo in that it will stop recording at the selected time. But often shows on Fox for example run over an extra 30 seconds or so. I always had to pad Fox shows a minute or 2 so I could get all of the ending on my Tivo. Had to do that for years. Same applies to the HR20 or any other DVR for that matter if the networks run over or start early but don't have that in their guide data they provide.
Like I said, I never had this issue with the Tivo box. How did you "pad" the run over shows?
read the manual for your receiver or just go to Recording options when you record particular show and change Stop time to few minutes later. Menus on HR20 are very easy to navigate.
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