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  1. i went from a h10 to a hr22-100 and getting no signal. card is activated. i hooked cords up all kinds of ways. still no signal. was told my dish may not work with the receiver. An i am using a element tv . can't find anything online that shows me how to hook everthing up
  2. They actually activated that recvr as the only one on the account ?
    I believe that that recvr is Swm capable, so a newer dish should be ok as well as the old 101, 110 and 119 dish set up
  3. yes it is the only one activated. put the cable in to power side of the swm the other side to the tv no signal. used a 2way switch and same thing. put hdmi in hdmi 1 on back of tv. 7
  4. If this is the only recvr you won't need the switch.

    Coming from the LNB go to the input side of the Power Insertor, the output side to your recvr ...
    Plug in the power insertor, make sure the light goes green on it, plug in the recvr and it should automatically find the SWM during set up.

    Make sure your output from the PI goes to the side of the HR22 that says SWM above the coax connection.
  5. I am not clear what dish you have. Did you change the dish from the original that you used with the H10? It sounds like you may have a power inserter, but I am not sure of that, either. When you say you have no signal, is that the message you are seeing on the TV? Or are you looking at the signal strength display in the receiver?
  6. i am using the same dish i had with the h10 it is a SL5PIG-Z. it is saying the swm not detected still no signal. do i have to have the swm and in dish set up it has sl3 lbn, sl5 lbn, 18" lbn, 18x20 triple-sat lbn.
  7. You would NOT have had a SWM set up with a H-10 as the HR20 (maybe H20) was the first one that had SWM technology and it wasn't called SWM back then.

    Are you dealing with a SWM dish and LNB or a Slimline SL dish and LNB
  8. slimline SL5pig-z. will a hr22 work with out run cables thought the swm box thinking i may have to get a newer dish the h10 was plug the cable in and that was it
  9. The H10 will work on a dish without a SWM set up .... If your using a SL, you should be good .
    iirc, the HR10 would require the 101 Sat and probably the 110 and 119.
  10. will the hr22 work with out swm
  11. do i have to move the dish any for the hr22
  12. How many cable connections are there on the LNB of the dish? If there are four connections, then it is a non-SWM dish. If there is only one, then it is a SWM dish. If it is a non-SWM dish, then you can connect two of the cables to the HR22 and receive Standard def only signals. If it is, in fact, a Slimline dish, you can connect two cables with b-band converters and you can receive SD and HD. You should not have to move the dish alignment if it was working previously.
  13. there r 4 cables coming outthe bottom of the arm where the lbn is but only one cable hooked up coming to the house.
  14. :welcome to Satelliteguys dj-5!

    You probably don't have a swm setup if there are four cables coming from the dish unless you have a swm switch. Where do the four cables go to? You also said you have an 18x20 dish. That isn't a swm capable dish without some serious gerry rigging. It sounds like someone put a ka/ku lnb on a ku dish.
  15. they come out the back one cable is hook to the cable coming to the house the rest have nothing connected to them. my dish 32 wide 18 tall
  16. The H-10 will only see the 101 (110 and 119).
    The HR22 would want to see the 99, 101 and 103.

    Do we know what recvr was last used with that dish ?
  17. Okay, so you have a Slimline dish, not an 18x20 Phase III type. That's good! You also don't have a swm setup, so don't use the power inserter. Connect the line from the dish directly into the dvr. You will only be able to use one of the tuners though. If you want to use both of them, either connect any of the other cables from the dish to the dvr, or swap out the lnb for a swm type and get a power inserter using only one cable from the dish to the dvr. The power inserter goes inline.
  18. If he's using a Non SWM set up, he should also use a BBC so he can pick up the HD.
    I don't remember what models they started using them though.
    Are they required for the HR22 and older ?

    I'm thinking its needed for the HR22, but not the H-10.

    One advantage the H-10 has, is he has an OTA tuner in it iirc.
  19. Thanks for that reminder Jimbo. All non swm setups require a bbc for hd except the 23 series boxes. Some hd channels will come through without one, but not all of them.
  20. I'm wondering when they started using them, I do not believe I used them on my H-10, I never had a HR22, but I think they did use them.
    I know like you said the HR23 had them built in.

    I know the SWM stuff started with the HR20 but it wasn't called SWM, it was something like FRM or something like that.