HR34 and HR24 Software


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Jul 19, 2022
Shreveport Louisiana USA
whats the difference between the software? both have different versions but they look and function the same. I want to know because my hr34 is on software from 2014 and i don't want to update it for no reason. My Receivers are- HR24 HR34 HR54 H24 2 C61k 3 C51 and 1 C31. The hr34 is on a separate account with the hr24.
That's a tough question. There is no updates happening for HR24 or HR34 unless there is an update to maintain the service, such as if they change a satellite config or something. They are not adding new features to these receivers. HR44/HR54 are still being updated occasionally, but not as frequently as in the past. At this point, I don't expect you'll see any meaningful change if your software updates with the exception of the HR54. The client may update but they operate off the server, so client software doesn't really control much beyond as far as the user interface.

I'm a little surprised your HR34 has software from 2014. If the service is active on that receiver it would pull any update they push out and 8 years is a very long time. I have an HR24 that updated to 0xd49 in May, and they aren't actively working on those receivers at this point.
i don't allow it to update as the hr24 is my main, also it's funny how an hr20 gets newer software than an hr24
They can start the software at any point they decide and increase as needed,, doesn't mean that its newer ...
I haven't had an HR24 update in ages, more than likely I am on the same as what JCrandall is on with mine.