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Jan 18, 2006
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Ok, I have a question for the evo 4g users. Anybody ever get a 4G or WiFi connection to go greater than 8Mbps?

My internet connection at home will pick up between 20-25Mbps. Every computer on the network will show this, but not my evo on wifi. The fastest I've gotten is 8850kbps. I've tested this with the speed test app and done with online tests like I do with the computer.

I've never seen anything over 8500kbps with 4G.

Anyway, this leads me to believe that hTc has throttled the network speed to that of a 10Mbps connection.


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May 5, 2009
Southwest Michigan
I think the issue is that mobile phones can't sustain the network speeds that a computer can. And the speed tests on any mobile phone can be very inaccurate. HTC does not throttle their phones network speeds. I get very similar speeds on both my ThunderBolt and my iPad 2.

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