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Sep 11, 2006
My DirecTV Hughes HTL-HD Receiver is receiving video signals great. I am using a Zenith Silver Sensor in conjunction with it. During the beginning of my setup up, everything was fine. However, after inserting a paper clip into the antenna input (which by the way got my local channels but had weak sound), I soon realized that I was way better off with the Silver Sensor. The problem with the sound via the paper clip was that most of the sound went to the front left surround speaker. Voices in the audio were signifigantly softer than the background sound. I was using the digital optical audio output. Also, the volume sometimes fluctuates; it's not a lot but its noticable. The center speaker output is looking a little grim right now. I have to set my audio receiver's volume to near max to even get decent sound now whereas before I only needed to maybe set the volume at 60%.

When I reinserted the Silver Sensor coax into the receiver, the sound stayed the same to my suprise. The stereo sound seems to be fine but the surround sound is still skewed. I did most of my TV watching on ABC, NBC, and FOX. Please help, please. Thank you so much.

I bought my unit from eBay and I'm pretty sure it's out of warranty.
This is almost certainly NOT your HD receiver, unless there some setting I don't know about on the Hughes box.
What type of sound is being transmitted by the problem channels - dolby stereo, dolby digital, what??? It sounds to me as if you are using some type of simulated surround sound from your audio receiver and its not working correctly, particularly since stereo is OK.
I agree, doesn't sound like your receiver. You can do a factory reset on the box if you like, I believe...I used to use one of those until I got my HD Tivo. Try using the RCA outs into a TV and see what you get.
To reset the hughes htl-hd with the power on press and hold the arrow button on the front of the receiver pointing at the info button next press the info button to get a hidden service menu next select reset nvram. this is useful for fixing corrupted firmware (software). i havent tried it yet but this should also work for the lg lss-3200a and the sony sat-hd300.

If your hughes htl-hd dosnt have software version 2.01.00 turn off dolby digital audio and use pcm audio there are known audio problems in early software versions.
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