I finally set up my dish

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SatelliteGuys Pro
Feb 23, 2006
Springfield, IL
After reading on here for months, I ordered a Coolsat 5000. Next, I ordered a 36" dish and QPH-031 lnb from Sadoun. The dish arrived the day before I left for vacation, so all I could do is set it in the garage until i got back. Since then, finding the time to haul everything out and set it up has been difficult. Everything has sat for over a month, staring at me every time I go into the garage. Yesterday, I finally anchored the dish to a wooden pallette, ran the cable out of the house, and started looking for a satellite. I tried G10, and eventually gave up, realizing that my dish will have to be mounted higher before it will clear the fence. I ended up turning further south, and quickly found AMC4. After locking that in, and watching for a while, I was able to find AMC1 pretty easily as well. Without all of the information that I've gathered from reading the posts here, there's no way I could have done it. Thank you for all of the wonderful information offered here.

Now I can say that I'm hooked. I still need to bury a post, run the cables properly, etc, but I'm wanting to get back out there and find more satellites. :clap
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