I HATE Google Assistant


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Sep 12, 2013
Lake Placid, FL
If Dish cant offer a proper working Youtube/Netflix app then they shouldn't bother advertising it in the first place. So yes, I will blame Dish for promises it cant keep. Its been just over a year since I "upgraded" to a Hopper 3 and its app capabilities suck. Im better off with a Roku/Apple TV at this point, and with my NAS I'll torrent the rest. The voice app worked fine for me, but Im not going to create a new account or agree to any Google this or that nonsense. Dish/Google can get f**ked with that frankly. Like I said 1 more year and Im out. 15 years with Dish at this point, and frankly upgrading to Hopper 3 from my 722k was a bad call on my part.
Problem is not with DIsh, they don't develop those apps, YouTube and Netflix does, most likely out-sourced instead of them actually having in house programmers...

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