I need to vent about D* Billing.

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Aug 15, 2006
I need to vent and since I don't have time to call retention:

As my name implies I work for an airline. At one time I was frontline customer service so if anyone understand things happen and little issues arising it's me, but I am about to loose my cool with D* over billing and it's hard to make me loose my cool.

My D* statement updates online on the 29th. I got the same deal everyone else gets with reduced priced packages and the got the free upgrade to the HR20. The problem is I didn't talk D* into the free HR20 until the 2nd call. The $399 charge had been pushed through in the week between my first call and my second (back in August). Last month I was billed $133.33 for a partial payment on the HR20. Also billed S&H twice and for an OTA I didn't need. D* took all this crap off my bill on 8/29 (when It first showed up). So, between ALL of their mess ups, my bill should have been about $2 this month (after crediting me for $133, S&H, and OTA). Guess what, I just went online and see what they are going to bill to my CC - $135. I AM SO FREAKING MAD RIGHT NOW! I JUST WANT TO JUMP UP AND SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here I go again. AGAIN I have to get on the phone with retention, explain my story and wait a month for this charge to come off. I am starting to get confused with numbers and the way everything reads online so if they screw me again next month I am at the point of not catching it! I HAVE HAD IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AARRRRGGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for listening - I am at work right now so this board is the only group that understands my woes!

And no, I can't cancel….I need that ST, I love the HR20 and I like the HD. I will tell you this - autobilling is done as of now! Again, thanks for listening and have a great evening! :hatsoff:


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Sep 21, 2005
Sorry, I know what that's like. When I got my "free" hd dvr a little while ago, got put on the 3 x $99 cycle. It took about 45 days and about 5 to 6 calls to get it straight.

No to Autopay! It's just asking for trouble.


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May 20, 2004
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Not to be the nelly here, but that is why you never auto pay any service. I tried this once with AT&T myself and the amaxing thing is how quick a company is to take the money and how slow they are to retun it. This happened to to be about 7 years ago for 200.00 (IIRC) and it took like 65 days to get a refund, when I asked for my 8% ... they laughed. Well I was the bigger of the twi and filed a small claims suit, I made 400.00, becuase they did not respond to a motion.

The way I see it, auto-pay is dumb, online pay (with a CC) is VERY smart.

Sorry to hear about your problem ... that really stinks. You should just sue them ... a small claims motion in most states is only $35 ... and they will not respond!!!!
Please reply by conversation.

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