Install question....tipping?

He lives in Canada, rules may be different there.

And they are likely limited to jobs away from the deep fryer and grill. I usually see the youngest workers running the register, wiping down tables, working the drive-thru.

My first job was at a now defunct hardware store like Home Depot, the only job I could work at 16 was the register because every department had some kind of machine I wasn't allowed to operate. Key cutter in hardware, wire cutter in electrical, etc.
Some of you guys are way too paranoid. Do you ever hire a kid to mow your lawn or paint a fence? Do you ever hire a young girl to babysit your kids? What about the paperboy who delivers your newspaper?
No, I don't do any of that. My kid is grown and 22 and when we were raising him up my wife and I both worked as correctional officers for TDCJ in Beaumont. I worked on 2 card and my wife worked on 1 card. We were on 4 on and 4 off so there was always one of us home to raise him 24/ 7. It made a difference too because he is close to each of us. He graduated in the honor society and is completing his last 5 months of his first hitch in the Marines. As for my yard I mow it myself and always have. I stained my fence cedar color myself on both sides and I replace the fence boards myself each year if needed. I haven't seen a news paper in the last 5 years at the convenience store I used to buy one at. I haven't seen a paper boy since the 70s when I was a kid. But I do use certain contractors that I have built a relationship with over the last 27 years to do jobs like new fencing , construction in the house or porch, etc.
They really don't want you taking tips, but I don't think they would say anything. (company I worked for that is)
Our former VP - who was very anti-tech had a guy in his office, railing against him about tips. That level of harshness may have left when he did
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