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  1. Use an app called File Sharing Manager. You have to transfer via wifi. You get an IP address and then on your desktop you open a browser to that IP and then tell it where on your hard drive folder you want the files fo go from your iphone or ipad to your PC or MAC.
    The bad news is the app annoys the crap out of you with game ads that are difficult to bypass.

    An easier one with less annoying popups is "Transfer it" There are actually dozens of wifi transfer aps but I only tried 2 free ones.

    What I want is a simple file manager app than can export and import files using the USB to Lightning cable although Transfer it app isn't too slow, just those annoying popup ads.

    Then there is the upload to the cloud, like dropbox. Really slow. icloud is there too but I haven't used it for file transfers.
  2. It is incomprehensible that such a fundamental tool isn't part of the operating system but that would open the door to convenient use outside the Apple domain. As you noted, Apple seems to favor an app for every little file type rather than offering a content-agnostic file transfer application. Even the pay transfer apps seem to want to classify the files.

    Of course you could pay the extortion and not have to endure the ads... ;)
  3. Who is running the beta on the iPhone (7 or 7 plus)? I am loving it on the iPad Pro, but want to get some feedback before putting it on the iPhone. The software is fast, slick, and really well done on the iPad.
  4. I took the leap. Pretty minor for iPhone. But the maps navigation for car play is completely new and 10x better
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  5. Turn it off.
  6. Exactly, it is completely optional. That said, I am happy to have my messages stored, and to recover space on my phone.
  7. I look forward to being able to delete a message once and have it synced across devices.
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  8. About time! I hope it is as good as Google Earth on the PC. Even that could use some improvements. None are as good as my GPS in my Ford Escape with the Sirius/XM travel link options.
  9. SXM assisted maps that good? Better than a dedicated GPS or apps such as Wazey?
  10. Interestingly, or oddly, High Sierra has a setting for "Enable Messages on iCloud", which is 'on', but I have a mismatch between messages on my phone and my Macbook. Could be related to the fact that my iPhone fails every time it tries to do an iCloud backup though....
  11. Waze is owned by Google and is used in combination with their historical database for traffic. Google Traffic is only historical so you can use it to predict future traffic, but waze adds the present changes as it is like old CB radio for recent within the last few minutes traffic jams. I use waze when I get in a traffic jam. I use Google traffic when I'm planning a route for a future trip.

    SiriusXM travel link does not include instant traffic unless you add that option. I think it adds $10 a month to your basic plan. I don't have it so I can't say how good it is. I have the basic travel link and that gives me info like gas stations, and current prices, Hotels and Restaurants, Rest stops, theaters, shopping malls etc. You can select them to have logos appear on the GPS map. It also includes weather radar. So I can look ahead and see if a storm, tornado, snow, or lightning is heading my way.
  12. Foxbat files isn't fully implemented yet, but it does provide access to Dropbox, Drive, doesn't seem to connect to One Drive yet, or Amazon storage, BUT it does currently connect to applications that have updated, e.h. Devonthink to Go, PDF Expert, iAnnotate Docs all can be browsed for local storage.

    The files app still has a way to go, but once it is fully operational, I think will be very valuable. Still not a file system like on Android though. But I'm ok with that.

    A few weeks into iOS 11 it is still very much a game changer for iPad, and just incremental for iPhone, although the file storage optimization is very nice on iPhone.

    And beta 5 should be here soon.
  13. iOS 11 Beta 5 (public beta 4) has dropped. Lots of minor tweaks, but iMessages in the cloud has disappeared, and it sounds like it won't be back before the public release in September, and will probably not come until one of the 11.x releases. Interesting. Liked the idea of it, and of saving space, but this will come, eventually.

    Otherwise, seems like a lot of tweaks, nothing that jumped out at me.
  14. Some speculated that it's related to a couple of countries suggesting that they'd liked the ability to access this data, if need be. Apple isn't in favor of this so take away the function....
  15. Not sure how it is any different from anything else stored in iCloud, or Dropbox, or gmail, or Drive, or One Office. I suspect it just wasn't ready for prime time, and a month from launch they needed to focus on other stuff.

    I was hoping to see more development on Files. So far, its just a spruced up iCloud Drive with access to a handful of other apps' files, but not in the same actual environment. But that is probably more on the app developer's fully incorporating the API
  16. iOS 11 beta 6 (public 5) has dropped, only seven days since the last one. They are apparently ratcheting up the speed on these as the new release draws near.

    Lots of minor tweaks on iPhone, very very minor, although they moved auto brightness from display to under accessibility. Kind of strange. iPad still installing, haven't seen much on what changes it includes.
  17. I ended up installing this and while I'm less than 24 hours in with it, it seems pretty good. I had tried 'beta 1' and it was not good for me. Had to revert back to iOS 10.x.x.

    Just moved it, huh ? I've seen 'stories' all about this, that Apple broke it (forgot it ??) or removed it on purpose. Just looked for it.... Under "Display Accommodations" ? They trying to hide it ?
  18. Biggest change I notice is the App Store logo changed.
  19. They moved it. It is on by default, but it is moved. No clue why.
  20. A lot of really minor tweaks in the UI. Some is really silly like an animated AirPods notification when you open the case. Oh and they fixed the icon for Reminders. I tell you that was killing me. :D. Plus new icon for Maps. I think the improvements to navigation in CarPlay in iOS 11 are among the best new features for the iPhone.

    But yeah, not a lot of substantive changes. The iPad version seems identical beyond the icon changes.