is anyone else seeing a couple problems here using Firefox?

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Sep 8, 2003
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1. About every third page that loads, I keep getting "install plugin" prompts, but when I click on the "install plugin" link, it just comes back & says it can't find any missing plugins. It does this for me at home & on an office PC, both using Foxfire.

2. Occasionally, whenever I have made a post & click "submit new thread", the browser just goes over to a TOTALLY white page. While my posting DOES get made, I can't even see my posting if I try reloading the page - I have to either keep going back a couple pages & click on the same thread to see my posting, or I have to go to a new web address to get back into the site.

I am on the latest version of FF, & none of my other "regular" websites seems to have these problems & it seems to have started a couple weeks ago - any ideas Scott? :confused: :eek:
Yes, I have seen both of these. It started right after the new look, I think the plugin thing might be a flash ad type of thing, maybe the burstnet ads.

Not sure on the white page, but a refresh usually fixes.
The white pages could have been me doing some work where I restared the web server.

I use Firefox and dont have the issues mentioned.

If your logged in your do not see the Burst ads. :)
Firefox v2 here also with 99.999% no issues; the only thing I can't get is the new SatGuys favicon to update in the links toolbar. I have tried all the tips and tricks.
I have never had any problems here with firefox. Except the one charper1 has about the favorite icon. no biggie though.
I am using FireFox version 2.0 (the latest version) and do not see the issues either.

I wish I could get the mouse gestures like Maxthon has so that I can hold right click button on a link then move the cursor a little to open it in a new tab while keeping the current one open. I installed a plugin that allows me to use certain mouse gesture such as holding right click button and moving my mouse to the left makes me go to the previous page and moving my mouse to the right makes me go to the next page. This is helpful on this site as I can open up a lot of the new posts that I am interested in since I last visited before it times out (at least it used to) and seems to make it quicker that way for me. I can also read through the posts if I get disconnected from the internet and have the response ready when I get back online (I can only get dialup here).
here is what it looks like


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Got one a few minutes ago, then thought "man, I better check the forums to see whats going on.."

I've had both problems, the missing plugin problem, and the white page problem, when trying to make a post. The white page problem hasn't happened in a while.
Well, THAT'S what I get for opening my mouth - it's doing it again on this site - how about it Scott; this is getting really annoying... :eek:
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