Is Bobby Knight add it again?


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So weigh in, is it "no big deal" what Bobby Knight did? ....I saw the video and I think there is a double standard. IF A PLAYER was 'trying to get his attention' in the same way, he would be kicked off the team and litterally blacklisted and would probably never play again at ANY school.

LUBBOCK, Texas -- As Bob Knight moved one win closer to catching Dean Smith, his temper flared once again, when he used his hand to push a player's chin during a timeout, as if to make him look the coach in the eye.

With more than four minutes to go in Texas Tech's 86-74 victory over Gardner-Webb on Monday night, Red Raiders forward Michael Prince was called for a foul. During the ensuing timeout, Knight approached Prince, and as the player lowered his head, the coach made contact with his chin.

Knight gave a brief statement at the postgame news conference and then answered one question before exiting the room. The incident with Prince was never addressed.

It was win No. 871 for Knight, who is five away from passing Adolph Rupp for second place on the all-time list. He needs nine more victories to surpass Smith for the most wins in Division I history.

Knight's career has featured three national championships, all at Indiana, and plenty of temper outbursts, including run-ins with players.

In 1992, Knight kicked a chair on the bench while son Pat, then a player for him at Indiana and now his assistant and successor-to-be at Texas Tech, was sitting in it. When fans behind the team bench booed, Knight turned and responded with an obscenity.

He was accused of grabbing a player by the throat during a practice in 1997, an episode that was caught on videotape and created the whirlwind that eventually led to his firing from Indiana in September 2000.

Knight was fired for what Indiana officials called a violation of a zero-tolerance behavior policy shortly after he grabbed the arm of a student who greeted him on campus by saying "Hey, what's up, Knight?"

His most infamous moment came in a game against Purdue in 1985, when he threw a chair across the court after being assessed a technical foul.

He should be............FIRED!!!!!! This should be the last straw and he should never coach again. PERIOD.
He's an embarassment to sports. I really don't think that any school should condone his crap. There's a lesson to be learned in sports besides the actual game itself. He fails miserably in teaching that lesson.
The thing is...he did it hard enough where the kid had a little discomfort in the jaw(a couple of seconds later, you see him move his jaw around as if he was trying to loosen it up). Question is, do you see the Duke basketball coach, Mike Krzyzewski, who also demands discipline and respect...EVER pull of THAT Bullsh!t...EVER??!!!:mad:
The thing is...he did it hard enough where the kid had a little discomfort in the jaw(a couple of seconds later, you see him move his jaw around as if he was trying to loosen it up). Question is, do you see the Duke basketball coach, Mike Krzyzewski, who also demands discipline and respect...EVER pull of THAT Bullsh!t...EVER??!!!:mad:

No you don't. I think everyone is getting soft because they are used to seeing him do this stuff. It's time to say enough is enough.
This is a nonstarter in my book. You guys have too much time on your hands.


Bob Knight is old school and lots of old school coaches do this.

Found an interesting article about the double standard of this "issue"

On Monday, Michigan coach Lloyd Carr stormed out of an interview session here with "ESPN on ABC," loudly uttering F-bombs and screaming about the direction interview questions had taken.

According to the Ann Arbor News it was one wild scene with a flipped-out coach, a "no comment" producer and a tense, in-front-of-the-camera clash just days before the titanic No. 1 Ohio State vs. No. 2 Michigan matchup.

Did you see the video on ESPN? Did you hear Lisa Salters report on the blowup on "SportsCenter"? Will the incident be debated ad nauseam on all of the network's afternoon rant-and-rave shows?

Of course not.

The whitewash, wall-to-wall coverage story of the day about an out-of-control college coach is once again one of ESPN's favorite whipping boys, Bob Knight, who Monday in an obscure game in Lubbock, Texas, knocked one his players, Michael Prince, on the chin because he wasn't paying attention to one of The General's legendary rants.

Knight long ago should have known better than to lay a hand on a player. He should have learned to control his emotions. He and Texas Tech should have expected the ensuing firestorm because, right or wrong, it is what happens when he steps out of line.

The point here isn't to defend him.

This is to wonder why as ESPN's power continues to grow, its sense of perspective continues to wane.

There is one standard for Knight, for Terrell Owens, for Maurice Clarett and a completely other one for everyone else.

Back in December of 2003, Knight and Iowa coach Steve Alford did an offseason, side-by-side interview with ESPN's Fran Fraschilla. Knight bristled at one of Fraschilla's questions and yelled at him.

The ESPN producer immediately shipped the film back to Bristol where the confrontation was played big on "SportsCenter" and became a staple of ESPN's always-at-the-ready "Knight's out of control" package.

It was ridiculous. A coach getting angry at a reporter is not a news item. It is an every hour occurrence. Only because it was Knight was it a big deal. It is the same principle that caused ESPN to bury what is probably a pretty colorful scene courtesy of Carr in Ann Arbor.

But therein lies the ridiculousness. If ESPN wants to broadcast one angry coach, then it should broadcast all of them. If ESPN wants to go 24/7 over one coach misbehaving, then it ought to go after all of them. Don't tell me that at this stage, in this week, with the Game of the Century on the line, Lloyd Carr's dealings with reporters isn't a bigger news story than Bob Knight in that 2003 interview or Knight in some scrub early-season mismatch.

But ESPN is eating one of those tapes.

Fraschilla, a former coach at three different Division I schools, ironically also called Tech's victory over Gardner-Webb on Monday. He said what Knight did is something that 100 coaches will do this season. I don't know about 100, but at least 20. I've seen that kind of tap all over the place.

College coaches, particularly ones of Knight's generation, have long been hopelessly overemotional and out of control. What Knight did is what John Chaney has done and what Lou Holtz has done. It isn't far from the way Tom Izzo or Kelvin Sampson or Gary Williams or so many other guys still do it.

But those incidents slip by with little mention.

Just the way last summer Houston Astros manager Phil Garner tossed a chair onto a baseball field to protest an ejection and the world didn't end.

Just the way video of Lloyd Carr blowing up – perhaps justifiably – will never surface.

Yes, Knight should know better and should know the world has changed. But this act is hardly worth this kind of over-the-top coverage. Not when college athletics has serious problems – academic fraud, rampant cheating, widespread profiteering.

For a while "SportsCenter" – the overwhelmingly most powerful force in sports media – lost its way with a silly parade of sorry would-be standup comics as anchors. Now it has backed off that slightly and gone straight tabloid.

Daily coverage of Barry Bonds. Daily coverage of Terrell Owens. Daily coverage of whatever outrageous character it can drum up. "Up next on Cold Pizza, a clinical psychologist gives a diagnosis of Bob Knight." (No joke).

One standard here, one there. Some get exposed, some get protected. No consistent news judgment. No sense of perspective. Just a toe-the-company-line ombudsman on its website.

Yeah, Bob Knight is in the media grinder now, the full force of the World Wide Leader flipping out over a flipped chin.

It's fine if ESPN thinks he deserves it. But if so, he sure isn't the only one. And that's what the network isn't telling you.
I didn't think it was a big deal. Hell back when I played hockey the coaches used to give ya a rap in the junk with their hockey stick to make sure you were wearing a cup. When I was in school a kid pulled my chair out from under me and the nun got crabby with me and picked me up by my hair. If he had slapped him it would be different.

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