Is Dish to offer a religious sub pkg


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Apr 19, 2007

Little Insight to Sky Angel,,,,,,,
they sued Daystar back 4 years ago because they where on dish and they had a contract with dish that it cant offer any more religous based programming,

then what does sky angel do, add non christian channels to there line up,

Sky angel is concerned only about MONEY..... that the bottom line,
and things have gotten worse since the founder had died,

do you think the founder would have offered up his DBS licence for cash so Dish could add more hd channells ,...... I dont THink So,,,


I too am a life sub,
and i bought into the skyangel vision back in 99.
since then i wish i would have put the money in the missions plate than sky angels accounts cause they dont care about there subs.

I here that dish net is going to offer a religous sub pack to all existing sky subs dont know the full details but its similar to whats now in place .........

Cause atleast Charlie listens to his subs,
thats why i finally have external based recording on my 622........

Food for Thought,
and my prayers go out to Busy Mommey ,,,, your in my thoughts
and ps,, FTA is the way to go for you cause why pay for something thats offered for Free Cause thats exactly what Sky Angel has done since day ONE.....
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Dec 12, 2006
I talked to Dish customer service yesterday. They said they had no plans at this point to offer a religious sub package. After I talked to that rep, I emailed to see if they came up with a different answer. The rep returned my email in the afternoon. He stated that E* is considering putting together a package of Christian programming with the implementation of the package to be around the same time that Sky Angel goes away. He said he will email me when he has more information. I'll let the board know when I find out something.
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Sep 8, 2003
Columbus, OH, USA
after SA* goes away and dish has the TPs free to do what they want, they would be stupid not to try and keep some of the SA* customers from leaving....


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Sep 23, 2007
Christian Television Is On The Radar

Now that the new IPTV Sky Angel web site is on the competition for viewers has begun.

I think the pay commercial sattelite players will kick it up a notch and now start to pursue the current Sky Angel Customers.

Dish Already Has:

Angel One
The Word
Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN)
Three Angels Broadcasting Network
CD- The Light

Stations Dish Could Pick Up From DirecTV To Round Out The Package:

nrb Network
TCT Network
The Church Channel
World Harvest Television

Other Easy Pick Ups:
Smile of a Child Channel
JCTV Channel
The Gospel Music Channel

Bingo. Dish has A Faith Package To Add To The Family Package.

Sky Angel is going after Cable subscribers and then the international market. Dish, DirecTV, & Daystar will pick up the slack for satellite. This IPTV thing has put Christian television on the radar and will help its growth and not hinder it. Then everybody can be happy. Christian TV for all. Competition will help this. It's nice to know that voices are being heard. I wish Cable providers would start listening. SA IPTV is a good thing for Christian TV.


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Mar 26, 2007
Hopefully good will come out of this

IPTV may b a good thing but Skyangel is not doing much to positively represent Christianity these days. Its treatment of lifetime members and now Canadian IPTV subs leaves a LOT to be desired. Not a good representation of how a Christian company should treat people

If DISH and Direct TV broadcast more Christian channels that will be a good thing :)


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Sep 23, 2007
SA mixing busness and ministry can't please everyone

If all lifetime members gave additional donations on a regular basis to SA I can see a huge reason for their complaints. Also for those who are at a financial disadvantage and bought the lifetime membership because this was an affordable television offer at the time. Even those LM who live in rural areas who have no other options. I can see reason for being upset and dissapointed. But I would guess most of the others are those who just paid their one time fee and are upset that they will no longer have a pre-paid cost free television provider. If SA stayed on sattelite until HD became a factor with the lifetime members would they have also expected them to pay for new equiptment and service. They need everyone receiving the service to pay for it in order for them to continue offering it. It was a generous offer at the time to offer the lifetime deal. Without a revenue stream though from lifetime subs how were they supposed to pay for the service. They probably could have offered both IPTV & SAT services if they stuck with a monthly fee offer for all subcribers to begin with. Yes lifetime members were dedicated, loyal, and supportive consumers of the SA product and helped build the service. But SA needs paying customers in order to grow and survive.

Second. SA Canada. They had to jump through hoops to be allowed to offer the service there to begin with. Now you fault them for trying to uphold the values of not being associated with a provider that transmits pornography via the same service.

Mixing business and ministry is a tough position to be in.


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Mar 26, 2007
Sky Angel was not "generous", more like desperate when they offered "lifetime memberships". if lifetime members didn't pay in advance (for whatever motivation) sky angel would not even be here to be offering IPTV. If they sold more lifetime subs than they could afford too, causing a shortage of paying monthly members that is certainly not our fault!

Even if you "prepaid to get a cost free TV" bottom line is you did prepay and you deserve to get what you paid for. I may prepay for my garbage service, I certainly don't expect to get a notice 1/2 way though saying oooops we ran out of $ so now you have to pay us each month in ADDITION to what you already paid!

As for sky angle and Porn, I am not sure I believe their reason.
1st because they knew about it for months,
2nd they didn't notify its subs,
3rd dish also broadcasts porn
4th they had recently started offing free activation and free 1st month to attract members (why?)


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Dec 6, 2004
But I would guess most of the others are those who just paid their one time fee and are upset that they will no longer have a pre-paid cost free television provider.

My guess is that you are correct.

I have made an 18 month commitment to the "Faith" package and am looking forward to receiving the "box" and programming in January 08.:)

The addition of the "Family" package will be considered sometime later, but before SA's satellite service ends.



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Aug 17, 2004
should be interesting how this all works out..........
I think dish will offer something to sky angel subs


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Apr 17, 2007
Sky Angel was not "generous", more like desperate when they offered "lifetime memberships".
I think you hit the nail on the head because SA didn't just offer it just at start-up but continued to offer it for several years as a special offer about this time of year. So the appearance was not that SA was giving feebies, but that SA was seeking partners in its future.


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Mar 26, 2007
those who paid $200 may have come out ahead on paper but as for the rest who paid up to $1000 they may only break even, with no long term discount at all. Then there were the special 10 year subs which still have time due them.............

the offer could have been structured differently, even make a donation of $XX and lock in your monthly rate of $XXX for a lifetime. that would have generated a future income while giving them a rapid influx of cash. Bad management and we will pay the price.

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