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Nov 11, 2016
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I am currently a cable subscriber but they have stopped taking many channels, namely Viacom, which there are a few that I watched a lot. I tried DishTV, that lastest a whole 9 days. While the Hopper 3 was ok, it couldn't do basic functions like time-shift live shows. For instance, I'm watching ABC and switch to CBS for 10 minutes, then go back to ABC, it would not let me rewind that 10 minutes I was gone. What's the point in having 16 tuners if they aren't being put to use. I'm sorry but I should not have to set recordings every time I want to change a channel. Every cable DVR I've ever had has been able to do this with at least 2 channels but my current one does it for 4 channels. Is the Genie able to do this? I've been told that "most" programs are able to be restarted wtihin 30 mins and something about a double play feature but that doesn't sound like the same thing. I don't understand why these companies put all these tuners and a 1 TB or more hard drive if they aren't going to continuously record the tuned channels for at least 30 minutes if not an hour. Also, the final straw for me was on my 8th day, it was really cloudy in my area and the Dish service kept pixelating. I called support and they told me to reset the Hopper and that solved the problem for about 30 minutes and then it started again, I mean it wasn't even raining. I was told that satellite was way better than 10 years ago but if a cloudy day cuts out the signal that bad then when it's raining there must not be a signal. I really want my channels back but not if I can't watch them on a regular basis.


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Your dish was probably poorly aligned.

Yes, D* has Double Play, but like mdram said, I hardly ever use it.
Btw, how hard is it to hit the R button when your on the channel you want to watch ?


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Oct 26, 2010
Double play will probably achieve what the OP is requesting but I am not sure. I wouldn't expect a channel to hold a buffer if I change it but it will with double play. The purpose of having many tuners is to record multiple shows at once, not get tied up with buffering the last channels you were on.
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