Is RG59 coax cable OK for digital cable/HD?


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Feb 13, 2009
I have a mix of RG6 and RG59 in my house. Need to switch to digital cable / HD soon. Will I be OK with the RG59 I have? I've read mixed views on this.


Additionally, It will be fairly easy for me to rerun most of the coax to replace with RG6 if needed. I have one strech the goes through closets, walls etc... that might be more difficult. I would think it would be easy to just attach the RG6 to the existing line and pull. Whats the best way to secure to make sure I don't snag or breakoff during the pull?

I've got a good 75' of it feeding both my digital/HD cable box and cable modem. Absolutely no issues. Internet speed is sometimes better than advertised.

Pulling will only work if there's no staples or cable clamps. Not very likely to work.
The only time you'd have to have rg6 is when you have a dc switching signal as in satellite, a very weak video signal or a long distance video feed.
Whats the best way to secure to make sure I don't snag or breakoff during the pull?

strip and expose the core about two inches, on both cables. hook them together and twist a couple times. wrap it with a little elec tape and you are good to go.


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If your cable company is any good, during install if they notice a problem with the lines they will replace them for you. Usally at no cost.
All the satellite dish installations in my neighborhood are going from the dish into the cable TV box on the outside of the house that feeds all the CTV outlets inside the house.
Is the CTV wiring inside the house the RG59 you guys are talking about?
I see no issues with RG59 with Cable TV service.

The only issues I see with RG59 is that I do not have connectors readly available for it, and then the other issue is that some of the stuff works great, where others are poorly made.

The reason why we do not want RG59 for use with satellite is because its not big enough to handel voltage coming from the recever to the LNBF

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